Hanging mid air
I am stuck
Between newfound freedom
And the self I used to know

Gravitating towards the sky above
Seeking to be unknown
Separated from the world
Where I was born

Welcomed into the warmth of the light
Still hidden beneath the anchor
Which once kept me afloat

Now seeking safety
In the land of the unknown
A wanderer, wondering
Which direction to go

Occupying a space, out of orbit
Still drawn to the earth's glow
I now confront myself
A displaced, omnipresent shadow

Though I float tethered to home
I am shaken by fear

These roots of mine wither
While I become and unlearn

In darkness I am whole
As the sun dissipates
Through this shell I call my own
I am left to bear witness to the emptiness below

This vastness
Calls to me
Begs me to detach
Let go

And yet I remain
Bound by hope

[I AM]
I am life
I blossom into this earth
Unknowing, unafraid
Letting myself meander
Through valleys of despair

I am breath
I extend life
Bringing a moment's peace
Letting the universe rest
Allowing it to repair

I am hope
Bringing warmth into the dawn
Abundant, fulfilling
Letting light envelope the world
Ruthless and transparent in how I care